About Me

I am a FAMP Developer from Pune India, Having the experiance of 11+ years in developing Internet and Intranet Application. I worked for small organizaton sankalpana and also worked as consultant.

I also like to explore Open Source softwares in area of Contenent Management System and Networking applications.

Apart from computers I do some Photography

Currently Working On

Currently i am exploring on Django, a python based web framework. It follows model -view-controller architectural pattern.  there are tons of packages available on python package index site.

for further reading try following links
Django web framework


While executing the assignments or trying out the open source software I came across various situtions. sometime I got stucked on how to get things done and move on under strict deadlines.
With the help of forums, community members, IRC chanels and search engines like google one can find solution to problem.
I am sharing such experiances, might be helpful to developers and might save valuable time.
Please drop me a mail at queries [at] abhijit [dot] name with your Suggestions and Comments.